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My stories are free, original, full of fun, imagination and open the door to all kinds of new worlds.


Julia was a very normal girl, went to school, lived with her nanny, but was different to other girls, as she was the grey girl, because no one really saw her. She was a really good pupil at school and the rest of the time she helped her nanny. You see her nanny was losing her sight and Julia was her eyes. This meant she had no time to do all the things a girl did normally, she didn't mind because she loved her nanny. The other girls teased her that she never went to parties, had an old phone, her clothes were not the latest fashion, but for Julia that was not important. You see Julia was her nanny's carer and she really loved caring for her nanny.   

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The robots had been travelling the universe for over a year, looking for a suitable planet to take over. They eventually arrived in our solar system and discovered our earth and decided that it was perfect for them. They made their plans to invade, but had no idea that Theo was waiting for them, he had been tracking them with his telescope from his bedroom. No one believed Theo that there was a spaceship approaching earth, but they would do within the next two hours and they would learn that only Theo can save the world.

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roxanne and nanny

flying train

Nanny had won a competition and the prize was two tickets on the flying train. The flying train was a luxury train, that flew instead of travelling on rails. Over coffee with Roxanne, Nanny told her about winning the competition and went on to say, "I wonder who I can take with me?" Roxanne nearly spilt her coffee and said "me, me, me." They both giggled and were even more happier as they realised it meant they would have to go shopping. "oh, oh, new hat," said Roxanne giggling.

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Little Peter decided he would spend an hour or so sitting in his dad's car. But, when he got to the garage and opened the doors, he had the biggest shock of his life, sitting on the bonnet was baby. "How did you get here baby?" Baby looked at little Peter, giggled and said " it's a secret."

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metal dragon

Every two years, doctor Earth has to check the health of our planet. He starts on the outside, then he goes deep inside and there the fun begins. He has to make sure that everyone is doing their job correctly, you will be amazed who actually lives inside our planet........

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farm animals

"Nanny, I am exhausted, are you sure I can't go back to being a cow just for the summer?" Said Roxanne. Nanny laughed and said "erm, no, you try this every year." They both giggled, Nanny thought for a moment and then said "let's finish gathering the hay in and afterwards I will take you for a hamburger and a strawberry milkshake." She looked over at Roxanne and she was gone, then a voice said, "hey no hanging about Nanny, I have a date with a hamburger." said Roxanne, as she drove past Nanny in a tractor.
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old cars

Little Peter missed his friend so much, she was so far away. He was sitting in his dad's old car in the garage, it had no engine in it now, but his mum did not want to part with it. Peter closed his eyes and said " I wish I was sitting with Jo right now. " The car made a noise of a engine and a voice said " Peter how did you get here?" Peter opened his eyes and he was sitting in Jo's kitchen.

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creative writing

Nanny and Roxanne were sitting in Nanny's kitchen having coffee, when Roxanne said "why don't we go skiing this winter?" Roxanne being Roxanne said this to Nanny, just as she had a mouthful of coffee and Nanny had to swallow before answering. Nanny giggled and replied " Yes, why not, it would be fun."

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Hannah decided she wanted to walk in the woods for a while, her mum and dad loved her very much, but today had been tough at school, so she decided to walk for a while in the woods. She loved nature and after an hour went back to where she had left her bike. When she approached, she saw that the bike was surrounded by wolves.

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Not long ago, nanny left her home in England to travel to the magic land where her grandchildren lived. This is the story of her adventure……

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Theo had had a hard day at school and was very tired, as it was Friday night, he could sleep in. His dad started to read him a story about dinosaurs, Theo loved dinosaurs, but he was so tired before his dad had finished the third page he was fast asleep.

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It was a hot summer day in August, little Peter and his best friend were sitting in his garden. Little Peter loved when she came around to play. Their parents left them alone to play in the garden, they enjoyed playing at the far end of the garden, which backed onto the woods. Both of them believed that the woods were magical and full of mysteries.  

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What a lovely cup of coffee.” Roxanne said out loud to herself. She looked out of the windows at the other cows, eating grass in the cool morning and said “give me coffee any day.”  

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world without books

Grace loved books, she lived for books, however, one day she woke up and all the books in the world had disappeared, the only books left, were the books in her bedroom. Technology had finally made books obsolete, nobody wanted to read books anymore. Grace however, loved the touch and smell of books and was not going to let books disappear from the world........

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Nanny and Roxanne had been friends for many years on the farm and this was their first holiday together. "I just hope I have packed everything i need" said Roxanne. They both looked at the amount of cases she had and burst out laughing.

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“ Hello my name is Barney, can you tell me why you are so sad? ”

“ Can you see my very big ears, that means you can tell me anything. “

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The Silver Rebels were becoming more and more concerned and they decided that they had no option but to bring the Silver Rebels out of retirement and do something about it. But what has made the Silver Rebels come out of retirement?

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grandad's memory

Grandad is a large part of my life and for the past 3 years he and nanny have been living with me and my mum and dad. He is such an interesting man, an old fashioned gentleman. It was hardly noticeable at first, just losing his keys, forgetting people's names, but when he could not remember our names or where he was, mum and dad took him to the doctors. They did a lot's of tests and discovered he had dementia and losing his memory, so i decided I would find a way of helping my grandad.

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Julia finally managed to convince her nanny Ann to have a smartphone. Well to be honest, it was Barney and Julia's friend Jack and his grandad Bill, who helped convinced her. She thought it was just a newfangled gadget, until grandad Bill explained how the technology helps with his low vision. It took a lot of explaining to nanny what apps are and what they do. So he decided to show her what one of his apps does for him and with his smartphone he took a picture of nanny and it said "female, blonde hair, 48 years old." Nanny giggled and said "oh I like apps, you need to tell me more about these newfangled gadgets." Grandad Bill laughed, he was never going to ask nanny her real age, I mean a gentleman never does. This is nanny Ann's story about using technology to help her unlock the things she thought she had lost forever. 

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the return of the robots

The robots after their run in with Theo on their last visit, decided to first fix the sat nav and find a different landing site. Which they did, problem was they had picked Roxanne's and Nanny's farm as their landing site. Nanny and Roxanne were having their morning coffee, when they heard the spaceship landing, Roxanne was not happy she had been disturbed during her coffee break. So she and Nanny went outside to see what was going on. To be honest, i am not sure who was the most scared, but my money was on the robots.

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scoobie's adventures

Now have you got all that? Said Scoobie. Willow and Barney nodded, but Scoobie was not sure, so went over the plan again. They were to meet at mid-night outside the kitchen door. Scoobie had spent the morning watching where all the juicy food had gone, when the shopping was unpacked. Then Scoobie drew up a plan which they had studied carefully. However, every time a human appeared, they begun barking and woofing and stopped speaking in English. Scoobie and Willow had their favourite humans and there was one couple in particular they loved, they didn't own a dog, but Scoobie and Willow loved them. They always stayed in the same room and Scoobie and Willow visited them often in their room. But, Scoobie and Willow still only barked and woofed with them.

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