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Scoobie said to Willow "remind me why we convinced our owners to come to Scotland?" Willow giggled and replied "well Scoobie, all our friends convinced their owners to come here too." "And?" said Scoobie. Willow giggled and replied " look around, beautiful scenery, great food, men wearing skirts, amazing walks, men playing music on strange things and plenty of trees." With that they both giggled and found the nearest tree.


old Joe the amazing lonely man

Joe could go for days not talking to anyone, his wife Liz had passed away 5 years ago. So in some ways he was a lonely man, but in Joe's world he was never alone, he had been on earth now 90 years and has many amazing memories and experiences that keep him company. Then one day it all changed when he met Jack and Dotty a lovely pair of twins who moved in next door to him and from that day he begun to slowly stop being lonely. It was the summer of 1980 and it was very hot. Jack who was really good at sums worked out that Joe was born in 1890, when Joe told them he was 90 and all he could say was "oh my, you were born in the last century."